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A Focus on Financial Security

Helping You Move from Reactive to Proactive

Our everyday lives are filled with concerns, emotions, thoughts, and feelings regarding the pressing and overdue tasks that encompass our own individual world. It’s no wonder why 75% of Americans don’t have a written financial plan (Schwab, 2018). It’s difficult to achieve clarity in our week-to-week responsibilities alone, and much more difficult with those functions regarding long-term financial security. That’s exactly why Financial Focus comes alongside families and individuals – to simplify their finances and help them move from being reactive to proactive.

Some common “big-picture” concerns we address involve:

  • “Do I have enough to retire?”
  • “Will my retirement savings run out?”
  • “Can I afford to send my kids to go to college and still be ok?”

However, our planning doesn’t address just present concerns, we invite clients to engage in our comprehensive financial planning process that anticipates future concerns that may not be top-of-mind in the present.